Overview of all planned departures

Dear guests,

as your tour operator, your safety and health are very important to us. Enclosed you will find an overview of all departures of our original bike & ship tours and river cruises in alphabetical order:

MS ALBERTINA, Danube, Start 26 July 2021

MS DE WILLEMSTAD, Bike & Boat North Holland, Start 07 August 2021 (replaces the MS SERENA)

MS OLYMPIA, Bike & Boat Zeeland Start 03 July 2021

MS OLYMPIA, Bike & Boat North Holland Start 10 July 2021 (replaces the MS SERENA)

MS OLYMPIA, Bike & Boat South Holland Start 07 August 2021 (replaces the MS NORMANDIE)

MS PATRIA, Bike & Boat Moselle-Saar Start 03 July 2021

MS PRINCESS, Bike & Boat Oder Start 03 July 2021

MS PRINZESSIN KATHARINA, Bike and Boat Passau - Vienna Passau, Passau - Budapest - Passau, Start 31 July 2021

This page is updated regularly.

Status 16 June 2021