Our Bicycles & E-Bikes

Quality Bikes made in Germany
SE-Tours bikes on the beach

A well working quality bike is crucial for a successful cycle holiday. The right material makes or breaks the perfect bike trip. That is why we make it a point to only work with the best. In 2018 we started working with Velo de Ville, a renown bike manufacturer, that produces bikes and pedelecs to our specifications.

Our three main priorities are: quality, comfort and safety. This way we want to guarantee the best cycle experience, high comfort and confidence in your safety on all of our cycle tours.

That Certain Something -  The Perfect Equipment

All bikes are equipped with only the best components from renowned brands and manufacturers. Both, our bikes and our pedelecs, are fitted with comfortable Selle Royal saddles. Our bikes come with coaster brakes or a freewheel hub – all hub gears come from Shimano – and you can pick whichever one you favour. The frames were developed by our partner and are designed to offer the highest possible comfort. The bikes offer a well-rounded cycling experience for trained cyclists while also being perfect for untrained and casual cyclists. 

Bikes in front of the Danube


All-round carefree package 

All bikes are additionally equipped with tyre pumps, repair kits with tools and spare inner tubes. For extra storage room, most bikes are fitted with panniers and/or handlebar bags. In order for you to find your perfect bike aboard our ships, we offer three frame sizes: 45/50/55.

All our Velo de Ville bikes are equipped with brakes by Megura. Made in Germany, all products are of the highest quality and the HS11 system guarantees direct and safe braking, due to the oil-hydraulic technique. Nothing less but state of the art brakes are used for our bikes. 

Sophisticated Quality Motors

All of our pedelecs are equipped with Bosch mid-drive motors that come with fully integrated 500 Wh Bosch rechargeable batteries. The innovative way of construction allows the batteries to become almost invisible. That way, cyclists gain the advantage of a well-balanced bike, that is easily operated. Hence. We guarantee perfect support and a high level of comfort even on long tours. 

SE-Tours E-Bike

Our new e-bike

Just in time for the start of the season, our e-bike (pedelec) has received a few innovations. 

  • For a better puncture protection we use the Schwalbe-Marathon Plus tire, which is considered to be almost unflatterable.
  • In addition to the puncture protection, the width of the tire has also been increased. These components together ensure a safe riding experience and more comfort on your bike trip.
  • Another innovation is the Shimano hydraulic disc brake, which is characterized by its higher braking power and durability.
Velo de Ville

Our Partner 

Velo de Ville, a German bicycle manufacturer based in Altenberge in the region of Münster, is a traditional and family-run company, that still produces bikes and pedelecs locally. Thanks to the modular way of assembling the bikes, individual wishes can be taken into consideration and are being fulfilled on a regular basis.

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Things you should know

  • On certain tours, – especially on our small ships – there may be bicycles and pedelecs of other brands or of local bike hires in use. The accessories may also vary.
  • Kindly note: for our e-bikes, early booking is necessary as the number of e-bikes per ship is limited.
  • In order to determine the frame size that matches your body, please indicate your body height when you book. SE-Tours offers bikes from a height of 1.50 m to 2.0 m and a body weight of up to 110 kg.
  • If a cycle insurance is listed as part of “services included”, then it is included in the price for one rental bike and covers both, theft and accidental damages. If the need should arise, we will provide a replacement as soon as possible. Not covered are negligence or willful destruction.