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Bike and Boat in Hungary

Welcome to Hungary!

Would you have known? Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe. It was founded in 895, long before France and Germany became independent countries. Moreover, the small country has made some important inventions, such as the biros or holography.

Discover Hungary by Bike & Boat

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Bike and Boat in Hungary is an ideal holiday combination for those who want to experience the beautiful blue Danube, the cosmopolitan city of Budapest, the "Paris of the East" and the numerous villages typical of their homeland at first hand.

The Danube Cycle Path runs through flat terrain and has no notable ascents. It is therefore ideal for all age groups. The total length is 1,200 km, about 300 km of which pass through Hungary. There is no need to pack your suitcase every day and move into a new accommodation, because your floating hotel is always with you.

With our modern bikes and e-bikes it will be easy for you to explore the flat and picturesque landscapes.

In the next section you will get an impression of the impressive sights that await you in Hungary by bike and boat.


Hungary, Danube Bend

Stroll through the metropolis of Budapest!

"The Paris of the East"

Historical castles, ancient baths, trendy districts and cosy alleys: If you love contrasts, Budapest is the place for you. The city is divided into Buda and Pest: separated by the Danube, connected by bridges.

Our top 5 sights in Budapest: 

Budapest by night
  • Budapest Parliament: The landmark par excellence in the Hungarian capital is the Parliament building. It is visible from afar on the banks of the Danube in Pest. With a length of 268 metres, almost 700 rooms and a dome almost 100 metres high, the Parliament is one of the largest buildings in Europe.
  • Castle Hill: On the Buda side, the Castle Hill is enthroned with the Castle Palace and its impressive dome - a must on any city tour. Tip: In the evening you can marvel at the sea of lights of Budapest from here with an incomparable panoramic view!
  • Great Market Hall: The market hall in the centre of Budapest is one of the largest and most beautiful market halls in Europe. Feast your eyes on the fragrant stalls selling Hungarian delicacies and spices. 
  • Thermal baths: If you love wellness, you will find over 100 fountains and natural springs in Europe's largest spa city, from which many millions of litres of healing water bubble up every day. The springs feed Budapest's 14 thermal baths. Treat yourself to a little relaxation and enjoy the warm water!
  • Fisherman's Bastion: The Fisherman's Bastion was built on the site of the old city wall in the period 1899-1905. It is still one of the most popular sights in the city. The seven towers of the bastion can be seen from afar. The building is often compared to a fairytale castle from the world of Sleeping Beauty. No wonder, because the bastion was built entirely of white stone and impresses with a mix of neo-Romanesque and neo-Gothic architecture.

Marvel at the magnificent Basilica of Esztergom!

It is worth climbing the dome. Once at the top, a magnificent panoramic view awaits you!

Esztergom, Basilica

Esztergom is located about 50 kilometres north of Budapest on the right bank of the Danube. The Danube forms the border to Slovakia. Esztergom is one of the oldest cities in Hungary, with a history dating back to the year 1000.

The neo-classical basilica (built 1822-69) is the largest church in Hungary. The over 100 m high central dome alone has a diameter of 35 m. Easily accessible and isolated, easily defensible and located high up, but attractive in every way due to its natural surroundings: it is not surprising that this place became first the seat of the Hungarian kings, then the most important centre of the Hungarian Catholic Church. The Bakócz Chapel inside was created by Italian master builders in the period 1506-11. In the treasury you can see vestments and liturgical objects from the Carolingian period.

Tip: You have a wonderful view from the dome, but be careful if you are afraid of heights: The platform is barely wider than a foot.

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