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Holland - The number 1 cycling country

Holland is the number 1 cycling country!  So what better way to get to know it than from the saddle of a bicycle?

Bike tour through magnificent rape fields

Holland - The number 1 cycling country

Holland is the number 1 cycling country! So what better way to get to know it than from the saddle of a bicycle? Thanks to the flat landscape and the close-knit road network, Holland is perfectly suited for cycling tours. The Dutch cycle route network, the Node Network, is particularly well-developed and covers 30,000 kilometers of cycling routes. The routes have excellent signposting and often lead through wonderfully natural landscapes to historical and modern major cities. In addition, the routes often lead to enchanting regions that could not be reached so quickly by other means. The paths and trails are often inaccessible to cars.

Even inexperienced cyclists get their money's worth in Holland: the flat landscape makes it possible for even untrained cyclists to go on leisurely bike tours. In addition, the climate in Holland is extremely mild; it is rarely too hot or even too cold to cycle.

And what the car is to the German, the bicycle is to the Dutch - bicycles are the dominant force in road traffic. Even if the hustle and bustle of bicycles in the cities seems intimidating at first glance, you can still get on your bike and start cycling with peace of mind, because Dutch people are used to cyclists and show them due consideration. Holland is one of the five most traffic-safe countries in the world.

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Holland was shaped by water like almost no other country. Piece by piece, people reclaimed land from the sea. They painstakingly cleared pasture and building land, creating an extensive and widely ramified network of waterways. Today, this waterway network makes it easy to discover the most beautiful places in Holland, passing windmills, pastures and tulip fields.

Thanks to the waterways, you can see large parts of the country from aboard a cruise ship, so if you combine this way of travelling with leisurely cycling tours, you can completely immerse yourself in the culture of Holland - perfect conditions for bike and boat tours!

During the day you can enjoy and discover Holland's most beautiful sides by bike among the locals and in the evening you go back on board your floating hotel, where you can process your impressions in a cosy atmosphere or gather new ones during quiet boat trips. Discover Holland the typical way, by bike and by water.

A cycling tour by boat in Holland offers many advantages: you can explore large parts of the region without the hassle of packing your luggage and there is also no need to transport luggage at all. You pack your luggage once and can then make yourself comfortable on the ship. In the morning you start your cycling tour through picturesque landscapes and in the evening your hotel ship is already waiting for you at the day's destination.

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