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Would you have known? The geographical centre of Europe lies in a small village in Slovakia. What's more, a citizen from this small country in the heart of Europe made a very important invention: In 1914, Štefan Banič developed the first parachute.

Discover Slovakia by Bike & Boat

Always along the breathtaking Danube
Danube Cycle Route in Slovakia


Bike & Boat in Slovakia is an ideal holiday combination for those who want to experience the beautiful blue Danube and the worth seeing capital Bratislava up close.

The Danube Cycle Route runs through flat terrain and has no notable climbs. It is therefore ideal for all age groups. The total length is 1,200 km, about 100 km of which pass through Slovakia. There is no need to pack your suitcase every day and move into a new accommodation, because your floating hotel is always with you.

With our modern bikes and e-bikes it will be easy for you to explore the flat and picturesque landscapes.

In the next section you will get an impression of the impressive sights that await you in Slovakia by Bike and Boat.

View of the Devin Castle Ruin on the Danube

Stroll through the Slovakian capital Bratislava

A city with an impressive history

Bratislava is perhaps not the most famous capital in Europe. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth visiting the former coronation city of many kings. The city is very diverse and has interesting places for every travel taste.

Our TOP sights in Bratislava: 

Bratislava at night
  • Bratislava Castle: The landmark par excellence in the Slovak capital is its castle. It is visible from afar on a hill 85 metres high. The castle was once the seat of Hungarian kings, whose crown jewels were stored there. Inside is a historical museum with a magnificent treasure chamber.
  • UFO viewing platform: In addition to the castle, the UFO-like viewing platform at the top of the Slovak National Uprising Bridge offers a magnificent panoramic view. 
  • Primatial Palace: The magnificent building was erected in 1781 and served as the residence of Cardinal József Batthyány, the Primate of Hungary. Today the building is used as a town hall. Highlights are the Hall of Mirrors and the chapel at the back.
  • St Martin's Cathedral: St Martin's Cathedral is a coronation church of the Hungarian kings and was built in the Gothic style. You should take a closer look at the top of the tower, there sits the so-called Hungarian Crown of St Stephen, a reminder of the importance of the cathedral.
  • Discover the old town: In addition to the aforementioned TOP sights, the Old Town offers plenty of other treasures that can best be experienced during an entertaining ride on the Oldtimer train. 

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